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Sector Analysis Report

Sector Analysis Report

As part of the evidence base for the York & North Yorkshire Plan for Growth, research concluded in March 2022 to identify high growth potential sectors of the economy – based on gathering intelligence (official and commercial data) and insights from stakeholders to identify the key sectors; and by developing profiles on the key priority sectors with relevant actions to stimulate growth potential. The key sectors are : 

  • Agri-Food Innovation
  • Sustainable Energy and Bioeconomy
  • Health, Pharma and Life Science Innovation
  • Digitech, Data and Creative Industries
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Rail and Rail Technology 

Further development work is being undertaken to support these key sectors to realise growth potential, but will focus on two themes – new investment and resilience/sustainability, to support the “Greener Fairer Stronger” aims for the York and North Yorkshire economy. 

Read the full report here.