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Changes to the York & North Yorkshire LEP Website

As of 1 February 2024, the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) integrated into the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority (YNYCA).


The work and functions of the LEP will be carried out by the Combined Authority. 



What does this mean for our region?


The creation of the Combined Authority marks a new era of opportunity for York and North Yorkshire. Here's a reminder of what devolution and the Combined Authority means:

Local power, local decisions: Decisions and funding will move from Westminster to the Combined Authority, led by an elected mayor who truly understands our region's needs and aspirations.

Unlocking investment: Our devolution deal secured over £540 million of investment over 30 years, empowering the mayor to drive impactful projects across the region that will attract further investment.

Boosting key areas: From improved transport and housing to enhanced skills and a smoother transition to net zero, the Combined Authority will focus on critical areas that will benefit everyone.

Collaboration for success: The Combined Authority will work hand-in-hand with local authorities to leverage the collective strengths of our vibrant city and rural powerhouse.

A lasting legacy: This isn't just a one-time opportunity; the Combined Authority represents a strategic, long-term commitment to shaping a brighter future for generations to come.