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Biobased Construction

Biobased Construction

The North East and Yorkshire region is well positioned to lead the UK development of biobased manufacturing and construction

The built environment is responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions. If we intend to halt the progress of the climate and ecological breakdown, we must find new ways to design and to build.

Substituting carbon intensive technical materials with regenerative resources and materials from the biosphere, which absorb and store natural carbon – has become a key approach to decarbonizing our built environment. The techniques and technologies for biobased manufacturing and construction are well established, but the infrastructure and frameworks are not established in scale to support them.

The North East and Yorkshire region is well positioned to lead the UK in this shift. Not only could this reduce the overall carbon impact of construction within the region, but it could also produce tangible positive outcomes, including improvements in biodiversity, indoor air quality and the safety, security and desirability of jobs in construction. It could also lead to a range of wider benefits, including the re-shoring of jobs in the supply chain and the creation of opportunities for regional investment.

For more information and research into biobased construction within the region, please read our full report.