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Local Growth Fund

Local Growth Fund

The Local Growth Fund is delivered through the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Growth Deal. This is a deal with government to support key capital investments that deliver jobs and growth. Our Growth Deal was valued at £145.9m and successfully delivered between 2014 and 2021.


  Total awarded Total Spend (April 2021)
Business Growth £6,830,074 £6,102,424
Flood Management £6,622,000 £6,359,355
Housing & Employment £33,558,427 £32,689,895
Skills capital £10,458,448 £10,458,358
Transport and connectivity £29,777,710 £29,759,568
North Yorkshire Rural Connectivity (Road improvements) £24,000,000 £24,000,000
East Riding A road improvement programme £16,700,000 £16,700,000
 Local Growth Fund Total £127,946,659 £126,069,600