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Working together to make a real difference to businesses

04/09/2021 News

Karen Leah from Digital Advantage shares her experience of working with the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub to make a real difference to businesses.

Here at Digital Advantage we have had loads of opportunities to enjoy partnership working with the York & North Yorkshire LEP and the Growth Hub team. The important and more strategic relationship we have is with Karen from the Growth Hub. I’ve fed in the performance of the project regularly since 2017 and Karen’s been great at ensuring we know about new changes that could affect the businesses or project, plus promoted workshops etc to her networks out in the districts such as business groups.

We’ve also had fab support from Andrew and the helpdesk team, for many years now. They’ve publicised our activity in the newsletter and forwarded referrals, taking the time to check eligibility to save businesses having to deal with more than one organisation. A new virtual networking group has been a great way to inform other stakeholders about the project and find out what’s going on in the patch.

The business relationship managers out in the field have been a constant and invaluable source of promotion for us. Angela, Nick and Simon have done a sterling job in referring potential grant recipients and making all their clients aware of the workshops/webinars.

The project has been phenomenally popular for over 4 years now and when we’re asked by other business support teams about the secret of our success, they’re always surprised to hear that we’ve spent nothing on promotion as we work via our trusted “route’s to market” ie. The LEP/Growth Hub and our other partners in local authorities.

Controlling the message about the project, by ensuring it is coming from a credible and trusted 3rd party, has always been a major priority to me. The status and integrity of the organisation “selling” our project and therefore brand is vitally important so that people trust us. Coventry University invested £10m in establishing a campus in North Yorkshire and it was therefore crucial that the business community was introduced to us via a local organisation with a strong reputation that had good positive links with businesses. Working in partnership has helped us to help many many businesses out there in the region. By working together we can make a real difference.

The Digital Advantage grant scheme has been extended. Read more here: 

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