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Sustainable community led housing in York

30/09/2019 Blog

Construction will be a major driver of growth in our region as we build settlements of the future and retrofit existing properties with energy efficient, clean and connected technology. In our Local Industrial Strategy we are looking to create market opportunities that enable investment and create jobs in clean and connected construction. In this week's guest blog we hear from Yorspace, a project set to deliver 19 permanently affordable, sustainable homes at Lowfield Green in York.

Decarbonising the building of homes

The homes at Lowfield Green have been designed around One Planet Living principles of sustainable living, which will limit the environmental impact of the neighbourhood being built.  Every building is being built from low carbon, bio-based construction materials which lower the carbon footprint of the fabric of the homes whilst making them both energy efficient and economical to run.  These materials have the added bonus that they create a healthy indoor living environment for residents, avoiding toxic, petrochemical based products. “All the homes at Lowfield Green will be built from low carbon, non-toxic, bio-based construction materials.  Our single storey common house is going to be a community self-build incorporating locally sourced straw bales.  I’m very excited about the opportunities that these types of materials offer and I’m convinced that their performance will be better than the materials typically used in building.  I also love the thought that local training opportunities and employment can be created by using them successfully in the build.” comments James Newton, Director of YorSpace. Not only are YorSpace using locally sourced materials in the build but this extends to the choice of the building contractor and professional team.  A further guiding principle of the whole community at Lowfield Green will be sharing.  On a practical level this extends to include a launderette, tool store, shared meals and a community garden.  There will also be significantly less parking spaces than homes with an emphasis on car sharing.  The preferred method of building and the ethos of a sustainable community combines to be as gentle as possible on the planet. To find out more about Yorspace visit Image credits Martin O’Connell
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