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National Apprenticeship Week: Celebrating the Positive Impact of Apprenticeships for Individuals, Employers and the Economy

04/03/2019 News

This March, we are proud to #fireitup and #blazeatrail for National Apprenticeship Week. We will be working with our partners and businesses across the region to celebrate the positive opportunities apprenticeships can have for both the apprentice, and businesses employing them. Our strategic prioritisation of apprenticeships highlights the role that apprenticeships can play in supporting businesses of every size to raise productivity, aid staff recruitment and retention, whilst also tackling the challenges our region faces in terms of skills gap and ageing demographic.

This week marks the twelfth annual National Apprenticeship Week which will run from the 4th – 8th March. To mark the occasion, the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (LEP) will be a series of campaign films that highlight how apprenticeships can support business growth. Our Growth Hub, How’s Business, will also be promoting an Employer’s Apprenticeship Toolkit that offers advice and support at every level of an apprenticeship journey for businesses large and small. Our key messages for businesses in National Apprenticeship Week are:   Find guidance on reframing recruitment processes to attract a more diverse workforce with this Ten Steps Toolkit WISE 10 Steps Diagnostic for SME’s (see STEM recourses). Hear first-hand from large companies, SME’s to micro size businesses about the positive contributions apprenticeships have made to these companies here. At the root of good economic growth are inspired people. It’s vital that parents and young people understand the benefits and opportunities apprenticeships bring. Our campaign film can be found here and we heartily encourage schools and colleges to share them. You can keep up to date with all things apprenticeships by following the #NAW19 on Twitter or follow us here for signposting to resources of helpful information and to learn all about the positive opportunities apprenticeships have had on businesses in our area.
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