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Finding Your Tribe - How Gaining Allies Makes Good Business Sense.

30/09/2021 Blog

Even in 2021, women are underrepresented at every level of business. Can this fact be correct?

At the York & North Yorkshire LEP, we know the enormous value of diverse and inclusive work forces. Earlier this year, our Chair, Helen Simpson, wrote about the performance of businesses with greater gender diversity amongst their executive teams, citing a McKinsey report;

“A McKinsey study discovered that gender diverse executive teams in the highest quartile outperformed male-dominated companies by 21% in terms of EBIT and 27% in terms of creating long-term value.”

YNY LEP funds numerous workforce inclusion programmes, including Aspire to Lead, a £1m EU funded programme that offers a broad range of support for women in work, including careers guidance, leadership training, networking and ambassador opportunities.  This support is shaped to meet the SME and micro business base that we have in our region.

Paula Grizzard, a Consultant from the Aspire to Lead programme shares more about supporting inclusion through ally-ship:

Even in 2021, women are underrepresented at every level of business. Can this fact be correct?

But it is. Major corporations such as Forte have a plethora of programmes mostly aimed at women encouraging them to explore business careers and reach the C-suite.

But what of women who don’t have those opportunities at work, or have a business they want to grow but aren’t sure how? What of women who want to make changes in public life? How do they gain access to other women who are already there, building networks and allies who can help them up the ladder?

We are told we all need to network to make opportunities a reality. But its not easy to find your tribe. Enter Aspire2lead a new kind of networking designed to help women in York and North Yorkshire do just that. A monthly lunch time space on line where women can meet, build connections and discuss issues that affect their working lives.

Aspire2lead has a team of Women Ambassadors from the corporate world through to micro businesses and social purpose bodies all with one intention – to support other women.

The Ambassadors aim to help and empower other women, connecting and offering ideas, tips and techniques that work from their own experience. 

The Network is driven by those who attend discussing the issues that keep them awake at night. How to remain visible to bosses whilst working from home, ensuring well- being in a vastly different work and life arena, negotiating work contracts, and how to develop a business. These topics and more are led by Women Ambassadors including Glynis Frew MD of Hunters Property Group, Jenny Taylor Smith, Head of Real Estate Planning at Asda, Dineo Ledwaba Chapman of St James Place and Emma Harvey, Director of Candid HR.

Finding your tribe has been made one step easier! Join us in building a stronger community of women at work and in business.

Contact: Paula Grizzard Consultant Aspire2lead

Finding belonging at work is both good for individuals and for organisations. Find out more about this programme and its many different services here.


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