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Cleveland and Steel Tubes Fired up Their Business with Apprenticeships

04/03/2019 Blog

We have been working with our partners and businesses across the region to celebrate the positive opportunities apprenticeships can have for both the apprentice and the business employing them. We heard from local apprentices who are blazing a trail and firing up their careers and businesses opportunities across the patch.

Alex Stapylton is a welder at Cleveland Steels and Tubes.

My name is Alex Stapylton and I am 20 years old. I am employed as a welder at Cleveland Steel and Tubes, based on Dalton industrial estate near Thirsk, after starting there in September 2016 as an apprentice. I also attended Leeds City College School of Engineering between September 2016 and July 2018. My employment with Cleveland Steel and Tubes began in September 2016 when I joined as an apprentice Welder. I came across the apprenticeship with Cleveland Steel and Tubes during my time in Sixth Form College. Initially, I found it difficult to settle into the new environment due to being unable to pick up skills as quickly as I had first hoped. However, with the support of my boss and colleagues, my confidence and skills grew and I really started to feel like a valued part of the team. During my first six months, I passed my 10mm Weld Coding. I then passed my first year of college in July 2017 before finishing my level 2 Fabrication and Welding NVQ and Technical certificate in July 2018. Since completing my qualifications, I have worked full time. I primarily work as a Welder and have worked on a variety of welding jobs which I am extremely proud of. As well as gaining my welding qualifications, I have done a number of other jobs within the warehouse meaning I have had the opportunity to pick up some great skills working alongside some fantastic welders. I have had an immense amount of support from my boss, Roy Fishwick, and my brilliant colleagues. The opportunity of being an apprentice with Cleveland Steel and Tubes has meant the world to me as it has allowed me to pursue a career in something I am passionate about. Since completing my apprenticeship I am in full time employment which has provided me with the means to be independent. As a young person, the trust that has been put into me has allowed me to grow and mature on both a personal and professional level; it’s something I could never forget. Not only has my apprenticeship helped me, but has also meant there have been benefits for the company. The biggest benefit an apprenticeship brings to businesses is that it allows the apprentice to get an understanding of the company and the way they work as opposed to an employee joining the company externally. My input to Cleveland Steel and Tubes has been beneficial as I have been able to come in and learn everything about the company and the way it operating. Through the courses and learning I have done, I have been an investment and now I can repay that by doing my job well. I would encourage anybody to get an apprenticeship. Through mine, I have gained skills in a trade which I love and I have also been able to take my first steps in what is hopefully a great career for me. The lessons that I have learnt though my apprenticeship have been incredibly valuable to me. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, visit our Apprenticeship Toolkit for Employers on our Growth Hub.  
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