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Apprentice Ignites Innovation at City of York Council

04/03/2019 Blog

We have been working with our partners and businesses across the region to celebrate the positive opportunities apprenticeships can have for both the apprentice and the business employing them. We heard from local apprentices who are blazing a trail and firing up their careers and businesses opportunities across the patch.

Chris Day is a Communications officer at City of York Council. I passed all my GCSE’s at high school with grades A-C, which gave me the grades to attend York College and start studying A Levels. During college I began to realise that the courses I had picked weren’t really for me, which was reflected in the results I achieved after the first year! I continued with a second year at college, changing some of the courses I was studying, but still found my interest in a-levels and college was decreasing. Following another set of sub-par results, I decided to look at what other options were out there for me to continue learning but to also gain some real world experience. I did a lot of research into apprenticeships in several different areas and, after a lot of research, I started to apply for several positions and was lucky enough to secure several interviews, one being with City of York Council. To ensure I was prepared for the interview I did a lot of research into the council which paid off as I was then offered the apprenticeship! I was one of the first apprentices to start on the councils newly launched apprenticeship scheme along with 20 other young people in different roles across the authority. Over the next two years, I worked within the communications team and completed an NVQ in marketing and communications. This was a great way for me to learn as I could constantly see theory being put into real world practice. It was also very rewarding working on projects that were making a real difference to people. Throughout my apprenticeship, I helped to greatly increase the council’s social media presence by engaging both staff and residents in the positive outcomes it can bring. I also put my photography skills to good use, attending events with good social media opportunities, taking portraits of staff and even getting the chance to photograph The Queen when she visited in 2012! At the end of my apprenticeship I was fortunate enough to be offered a full-time role within the communications team where I can continue to learn and develop. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, visit our Apprenticeship Toolkit for Employers on our Growth Hub.
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