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Apprentice Blazes a Trail at NYBEP

04/03/2019 Blog

We have been working with our partners and businesses across the region to celebrate the positive opportunities apprenticeships can have for both the apprentice and the business employing them. We heard from local apprentices who are blazing a trail and firing up their careers and businesses opportunities across the patch.

Brianna Bratley is a Finance and HR Administrator at NYBEP Ltd in York.

I came across my apprenticeship through the government website in February 2016. I started with NYBEP on a Business Admin Level 3 Course and, since then, have progressed through my Level 2 AAT accounting qualification AAT and am now currently undertaking my Level 3 AAT. NYBEP welcomed me into the team and let me take a view of the company as a whole in my first year supporting the different teams within NYBEP and supported me to finding a role that both suits me and the company. I settled in really well. It has been very important to me to have this opportunity. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be in such a good position in my career for my age. Due to the opportunities I have had it gives me an advantage over other candidates at the same level who maybe haven’t had the workplace experience that I have. I have developed very well within the company, starting with Business Administration let me get to know the company I work for in depth and spend time with every team within the company. I also got to do a range of jobs from undertaking minutes to brokerage calls and assisting the planning and on the day support of events. This meant that when I completed my first apprenticeship in March 2017, I was able to make an informed decision about what I wanted to do next in my career and decide where I thought I fit best within the company. The years’ experience led me to spend time within the finance department, working closely with the Finance and HR Managers which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fortunately, there was an opportunity within NYBEP for me to begin my AAT course as the Finance and HR Administrator. Having the year to understand the business from different aspects really helped to aid my future career path, it helped me understand what I wouldn’t like to do as a career and guide me towards what I would like to do. NYBEP have fully supported me through every aspect possible during my three years so far. They welcomed me and let me take a view of the company as a whole and supported me to finding a role that both suits me and the company. I have been on extra courses to further my knowledge and have been allowed the time needed to study for my apprenticeship with no pressures or at any cost to myself. Three years on I now do the day to day financial administration for the company. Apprenticeships allow businesses to welcome new members of staff onto the team and tailor their future workforce to support the requirements of the business. Apprenticeships can help increase diversity as candidates can learn skills as they go and therefore don’t have to be a ‘full package’ to enter into businesses. I would recommend an apprentice to anyone, including businesses. Apprentices bring new knowledge, allowing the business to expand their learning and development along with the learner and lets the business support their future workforce. I think my input to the business has added more capacity and back office support that was needed in the business at the time I started. I have always felt like part of the team and that my work is valued by my colleagues. Moving forward, I am looking to either carry on with my AAT and progress to a Level 4 or complete a HR Qualification at Level 5-7 with the company. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, visit our Apprenticeship Toolkit for Employers on our Growth Hub.
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