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Annual Conference 2021

Annual Conference 2021

Help our region plan for growth in a greener, fairer, stronger economy. 

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Andy Mayer

Reshaping and planning for growth

Andy Mayer, Site Director of Cranswick Gourmet Pastry in Malton shares the story of how learning from current challenges will strengthen businesses for the future.

“Good in equals good out”. This simple mantra inspired a group of farmers to start Cranswick in 1975. Their beginnings were humble but their ambitions were anything but, and in the 1980's Cranswick moved into food production, bringing one of the first true ‘farm to fork’ offerings to a large market. Today, our business is one of the biggest food producers in Britain.

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Free expertise, support and resources to help your business grow.

Whether your business is starting, growing or scaling, we can help. 

As the Growth Hub for York and North Yorkshire, we enable businesses of every size and sector to access what they need to drive success and manage growth.

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LEP Single Delivery Plan

Our LEP Delivery Plan sets out how we (the LEP) will contribute to delivering the Strategic vision of “a Greener, Fairer, Stronger Economy”.

Delivery Plan 2021

This 2021-22 Delivery Plan sets out how the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership will provide leadership in addressing the impact on our economy from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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