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Research is vital in understanding the needs of individuals, communities, and businesses. Our People & Skills research explores the various ways in which we can provide support for our region, and the opportunities for development presented to us as we work towards a greener, fairer, stronger future.

Adult Education Budget

Analysis of Adult Education Budget - Full Report
Analysis of Adult Education Budget - Executive Summary

Community Learning

Community Learning Provision Report

Digital Skills

Digital Skills in York and North Yorkshire Assessment Report

ESIF Impact

ESIF Activity in York, North Yorkshire, and East Riding Report

Labour Market Analysis

Labour Market Analysis 2021 - Full Report
Labour Market Analysis 2021 - Executive Summary

Local Skills Report

Local Skills Report 2021

Low Carbon

Low Carbon and the Circular Economy: An Assessment of Skills Supply and Demand

Reskilling and Upskilling

Upskilling and Reskilling across York and North Yorkshire

Supporting NEETs

Exploring the Capacity of the FE System to Engage and Support 19-24 Year Old NEETs

Additional Reports

Additional Skills research and reports