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Strategy & Research

Strategy & Research

Our Plan for a Greener, Fairer, Stronger Economy

  1. 2021/22


    Our plan to reshape the economy

    • Short term response
    • Economic stimulus
    • Future foundations
  2. 2022/23

    Recover and Grow

    Plan for growth

    • Post COVID-19
    • Medium to long term investment
    • Economic growth
    year 2022/23
  3. 2025+

    Greener, Fairer, Stronger Economy 

    England’s first carbon negative region. 

    A carbon negative, circular economy that increases productivity and provides higher paid jobs.

We have a number of supporting strategies that offer a deep dive into important strategic areas

In York and North Yorkshire, we are working together to ensure we reach net-zero by 2034, and are carbon-negative by 2040. Our approach is based upon decarbonising our energy system, moving towards a circular economy and enhancing our natural capital.

We want to create opportunities so everyone in York and North Yorkshire can thrive. By analysing current skills supply and demand, and working with local communities and businesses to understand their needs, we will empower everyone to realise their full potential and contribute towards economic growth in our region.

York and North Yorkshire has thrived, and will thrive in future, because of the high quality of our towns and cities. Working together with our local authority partners and organisations, we will help to capitalise on the opportunities of our great places reshaping and refocussing them to be greener, fairer and stronger in the future.

We are helping businesses in York and North Yorkshire evolve by supporting innovation and good growth practices. In order to promote a greener, fairer, stronger economy, we will ensure all businesses have access to the support they need, and will guide them through their business journeys.


LEP Single Delivery Plan

Our LEP Delivery Plan sets out how we (the LEP) will contribute to delivering the Strategic vision of “a Greener, Fairer, Stronger Economy”.

Delivery Plan 2021

This 2021-22 Delivery Plan sets out how the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership will provide leadership in addressing the impact on our economy from the Covid-19 pandemic.