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People & Skills

People & Skills

York and North Yorkshire is a place where people are empowered to achieve their full potential. By working together with skills providers, businesses, and communities, we are creating opportunities for employment, thriving communities, and economic growth that benefits everyone, delivering our vision for a greener, fairer, stronger future.


Strategy & Research


£ 38m European Social Fund invested in 7 years

More than 17,000 individuals supported by existing projects with a target of 20,880 by Dec 2023

Almost 2000 businesses supported to review their training needs

Our Ambitions and Priorities

Young people are equipped to make quality decisions about education, training and careers. Employers can access the skills to grow highly productive and inclusive workplaces. Local skills providers enable businesses to respond with innovation and resilience to a dynamic economy and communities are empowered by learning and skills that enable everyone to participate fully in society.

A quality education means more than just a good set of exam results. Young people need to have the information and experiences necessary to make well-informed choices about their career options and the education, training pathways and jobs available to them. 

Our priorities:

Every student is connected to a local business who informs high quality careers advice and offers work experience. Every school has high quality careers leadership linked to local labour market intelligence. Young people are able to access local high quality technical skills provision.

Employers need to be able to recruit people with the appropriate technical skills, invest in continuous workforce training and know how to maximise the talent and productivity of their workforces to remain competitive in a dynamic national and international market place.

Our priorities:

Technical education is championed as a means to improve productivity and maximise talent Higher level technical skills enable businesses to innovate and deliver higher value products and services People can thrive in good workplaces


Evolving our local skills offer is not just an aspiration, it is essential particularly as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and reshape our economy for a greener, fairer, stronger future.

Our priorities:

Local skills providers are able to meet the skills requirements of business. High quality dynamic learning environments support the needs of our local economy. Businesses increase their demand for skills to deliver higher value products and services.


Our ambition is that our economy grows in a way that impacts positively and creates opportunity for all communities. We will improve access to opportunities, address barriers to unemployment and ensure everyone can gain the skills and support they need to participate fully in society.

Our priorities:

Communities develop and deliver a range of provision that addresses barriers to employment, training and learning. Local organisations support good growth and thriving healthy communities. The economically excluded and isolated are empowered to succeed through quality support.