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York & North Yorkshire’s Local Skills Report 2021

11/05/2021 News


Welcome to York & North Yorkshire’s Local Skills Report 2021.

Created by the York & North Yorkshire LEP Skills Team on behalf of the local Skills Advisory Partnership (SAP) for York & North Yorkshire. The York & North Yorkshire Skills Advisory Panel, together with key local stakeholders across the region’s skills and employment landscape have identified, prioritised and addressed skills and labour market issues at a local level as part of the Department for Education’s Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) programme. Each SAP has produced a Local Skills Report setting out local strengths, opportunities and challenges, how key labour market priorities will be addressed and what we intend to deliver on the ground in 2021-2022. Intelligence and data informing the report is detailed in our Labour Market Analysis 2021 and its aspirations shaped by our recently published Skills Strategy 2021-26– an ambitious five year Strategy and Implementation Plan. Our report also aligns with the ambitions of the LEP’s draft Local Industrial Strategy and ‘Greener, Fairer, Stronger’ its plan to re-shape the local economy in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. The SAP aspiration is that the Local Skills Report delivers a comprehensive and credible overview of strategy, achievement and ambition that can influence and inform local partners and forms the basis for a collaborative approach to delivering  skills provision that is responsive to local labour market needs.


North & North Yorkshire Local Skills Report 2021  
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