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T Levels bringing benefits to business

20/05/2021 News

T Levels launched in 2020 in 3 subjects: Digital Production, Design and Development; Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction; and Education and Childcare.

In 2021, there will be 7 more T levels  launched: these are Building Services Engineering for Construction, Digital Business Services, Digital Support Services, Health, Healthcare Science, Onsite Construction and Science. T Levels are a 2 year qualification for 16 to 19 year olds with a 45 day industry placement at the heart of each course. Designed with employers, each T Level is equivalent to 3 A levels providing a mixture of classroom learning (80%) and ‘on-the-job’ experience (20%) to help young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to thrive in the workplace. Over the next few years, T Levels will scale up to include 24 courses, covering 11 skill areas. T levels can bring a number of benefits to businesses:
  • With an industry placement, they are an ideal solution for entry-level skills
  • Businesses can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment by working with local colleges and schools to connect with young people who are deciding on their careers
  • Placements give businesses the chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude, and practical skills to succeed
  • They capitalise on new ideas and a fresh perspective
Lots of support is available already to help businesses explore T levels and industry placements and government continue to look at how they can encourage more businesses to take advantage of this offer. In York & North Yorkshire, our businesses are getting involved and sharing their experiences. Overview film Netsells, Ellie Case Study. Read more stories like this one in our Annual Report 2021.
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