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P = Partnership: How our partnerships achieve transformation, change and responding to crisis

02/08/2021 News

Today we launch our summer campaign ‘P = Partnership’. To kick things off, Chair of the Main LEP Board Helen Simpson OBE shares her thoughts on how our partnerships are crucial to achieving transformation, change and responding to crisis.

“Partnership is fundamental to achieving economic prosperity for our region, and creating an economy that is greener, fairer and stronger. “The proven partnerships working across York and North Yorkshire in recent years have delivered outstanding results, showing time and again that when we collaborate at a regional level we can deliver impact locally and achieve so much more. “Over the month of August we will be sharing many examples of where partnership working has been the difference that has made the difference. We hope that you will join us in this story telling of our work together, share your own stories and feel welcome to feedback to us your experiences of partnership with the LEP, including how we can do partnership working better and to greater effect. We would love to hear from you. “My hope for this next year is that Government will indeed deliver on their promise of levelling-up the North, providing investment which will continue to boost the economic fortunes of our communities. “The LEP enjoys a unique position to convene partnership approaches, from across the public and private sector, from our region’s small businesses to large public institutions. Together, in partnership, we can enable action at local and regional levels and support Devolution through to fruition. Working together to secure the deal our region deserves and is ready for, we can create opportunities for new employment, to upskill our workforces, to make our distinctive places fairer and better places to live, work and visit and drive enterprise, innovation and investment within our business communities. “York and North Yorkshire is a fantastically unique place. Looking ahead, I believe that by working together, within the region, with our Northern neighbours and with the UK Government, our region can transform its role in strengthening the economies of the North. By turning evidence and research into clear action, we can be a driving force in delivering the UK’s ambitions for carbon neutrality. Further still, in striving for our own ambition to become a carbon negative circular economy by 2040, our region can attract investment and take our place on the international stage as a global hub for innovation in bio and agri-tech businesses. “We will do everything we can to create opportunity and at the heart of what we do for our economy and our environment will be what we want for our people and communities. “The distinctiveness and diversity of our region is our strength. Working in collaboration with our many partners, with a clear vision and a focus on action, I believe York and North Yorkshire can thrive as a greener, fairer and stronger place for all.” SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES OF WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH US: ENQUIRIES@BUSINESSINSPIREDGROWTH.COM
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