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Intelligence update - how our region's businesses are responding to COVID-19

20/03/2020 News

We want to keep you up to date with a clear picture of how the region’s economy is being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

We understand how challenging times are for businesses and employees, as we see the developing impact of COVID-19. As a LEP with active links to Government, businesses and wider stakeholders, we are ideally placed and indeed, committed to securing the best outcomes for our region and our aim is to prioritise getting the right support out to the right people as quickly as we can, so that our businesses and people remain healthy now and into the future. We’re working with regional partners, including local authorities, regional tourism organisations and business organisations such as the FSB and the Bank of England to have clarity on the emerging needs in our region. It is imperative that the business community are supported to remain calm as help will be online within the coming days. A telecom meeting between these partners on Friday 20th March revealed the current priorities: Many businesses are feeling vulnerable, but especially SMEs. Small and micro businesses are feeling an immediate impact and making significant business decisions, including closures and lay-offs. It is clear that individuals who are self-employed, without business premises, are not feeling recognised supported by government as yet and we will be helping to feed this back as well as identify and provide assistance to groups like this in the days and weeks ahead. The Chancellor has set out a package of temporary, targeted measures to support businesses, but businesses are telling us these support programmes need to be opened with urgency and the information to be clear. We will be working with government to get support for our businesses at pace and we commit to sharing any updates on support and application information as they become available. Our primary channel for business support is our Growth Hub, which will house all information as soon as it comes available. In the meanwhile, we encourage businesses to talk to their banks and other business partners. We ask that those organisations who are seeing success adapting their businesses share these stories with us on so that others many benefit from the creativity and resilience we are seeing across the region. We will be sharing these inspirational stories here as they come in Connecting employers to job hunters We have positioned our Growth Hub Facebook page, as a site by which employers who have a need to increase their workforce can be connected to people whose employment has been impacted. We encourage you to visit this page and post any links to job offers in York and North Yorkshire onto this page. We are working hard to connect community groups and jobs pages to this resource. Website links.      
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