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Circular Yorkshire Week | Capturing the Benefits of Circularity

Circular Yorkshire Week | Capturing the Benefits of Circularity

22 October | On Demand

Friday 22 October 2021, 10am

Hosted by CRESTING: Pauline Deutz, Heather Rogers, Aodhan Newsholme, Malgorzata Lekan, and Santiago Perez

The international Cresting project has been researching different aspects of Circular Economy for the last three years, and now focusses its attention on the Yorkshire area.

At the University of Hull, the focus of research has been on how to capture the benefits of circularity through regional and local development, employment, and social enterprise networks. This session offers findings from four researchers on each of these topics in the context of the city of Hull and the Yorkshire area, with an interactive discussion to follow. 


10:00 – Introduction to Circular Economy and Capturing the benefits of Circularity with Pauline Deutz

10:10 - Circular Economy as a sustainable economic development tool in a global economy with Aodhan Newsholme

10:20 – The repair service sector in Hull: demand, skills, and employment experience with Heather Rogers

10:30 - Circularity, Creativity and Urban Liveability: Knitting Networks for the Social Enterprise-led Development of Inclusive Circular Cities with Malgorzata Lekan

10:40 - Industrial Ecology: a long-term strategy towards sustainability with Santiago Perez

10:50 - TEA BREAK

11:00 – Opening the floor to the audience, we will collectively discuss the key questions arising from the research presented. This is a chance to gather the collective knowledge of the group and share ideas, experiences, and insights. 

11:50 – Wrap-up and close

Did you miss it?

No problem! A recording of this event is now available below.