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Circular Yorkshire

Circular Yorkshire

Circular Yorkshire Week On Demand

You can now catch up with all the content from this year's campaign including the Circular Towns Guide, Bio-Construction Research and business-focused webinars.

Circular Yorkshire is a campaign to raise awareness and inspire action around the circular economy as a way to make our region, its businesses and communities greener, fairer and stronger..

Building a circular economy in York & North Yorkshire will be a vital part of achieving our ambitions for the region’s economy to be carbon negative by 2040. By embracing the circular economy, communities can build stronger and more inclusive connections and businesses can become more profitable.

What is a circular economy? It’s a way of working that promotes using only what we need, stopping waste and making the most of all our resources, including people, products, services, systems and our planet.

How can it benefit our region? It will create a thriving & resilient economy that benefits business and the environment for all people now and in the future.

Collaboration is key to our success. Businesses small and large, local authorities, towns and our communities must act together. 

6 Benefits to Business

Our ‘Circular-Economy: 6 benefits to business’ guides give immediate, cost-effective actions that you can take now. In addition, they provide details about how you can access further support to help you achieve your longer term goals.

Download our guides to see how your business could benefit.