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What is a LEP?

The York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a public-private partnership charged with driving economic growth and prosperity across York and North Yorkshire. We are one of 38 LEPs in the national LEP Network and one of the 11 LEPs in the NP11 partnership

L = Local – we’re here for the York and North Yorkshire economy. Our region is rich in its diversity of places – from the economic centre in the City of York, through the network of unique towns that collectively drive the North Yorkshire economy, across our rural hinterland to the shoreline of the North Yorkshire Coast. We want to have a positive impact for people and communities locally, in every place, everywhere across the region.

E = Enterprise - our purpose is to empower enterprise and drive economic growth. We do this by developing strategy, drawing down government investment and delivering projects and programmes on the ground. We want to help every business prosper and reach its full potential with the opportunities that are alive within our region. 

P = Partnership - We act and enable through partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors. Working together we identify opportunities, attract and lobby for investment and deliver programmes that make a difference. 

The LEP acts as a bridge between businesses and the public sector. We set the strategic direction for government investment in our region to drive good growth in our economy and bring forward every opportunity for people, places and businesses to thrive. Our vision is for York and North Yorkshire to become a greener, fairer, stronger economy.

A greener, fairer, stronger economy is:

  • Carbon negative – The government’s ‘Plan for Growth centres on a Green Industrial Revolution’. As a carbon negative region we can make nationally significant contribution to the national target to reach Net Zero by 2050. 
  • Proud of our places – By reframing our rural proposition and showing excellence in place leadership and regeneration, we can deliver on the government’s promise for Levelling Up through our inclusive communities, pride in our places and ensuring that our towns and the City of York are great places to live, work, visit and invest. 
  • Globally ambitious – Our region has unprecedented opportunity to attract global investment and develop global markets innovative sectors such as bioeconomy and agri-tech. Our region can help to build a Global Britain. 

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